Billing Services FAQ's

Hopefully this page will assist you with any questions you may have, regarding our billing services.  If you not, please feel free to contact us.

How are Waterford EMS ambulance rates determined?

Rates are determined through local market studies and carrier allowed amounts.

I don't have insurance and cannot afford to pay for my ambulance service.  Will you reduce or waive the charges?

Waterford EMS does not reduce or waive ambulance charges, as that would not be fair or consistent to all users of our service.  An installment payment plan is available to provide financial assistance to our patients.

If you are interested in making installment payments, please contact our billing office at (856) 306-6525

I thought ambulance service was included by my tax bill; why do I also get billed when I use the service?

Waterford EMS is funded through a combination of taxes and user fees.  To minimize the impact to the entire citizenry of Waterford Township, it was decided to impact everyone for the availability of the service, and only the users for actual usage of the service.  In this way, the taxes necessary to support the ambulance service can be held to a minimum.

Is Waterford EMS contracted with any insurance company?

Waterford EMS is not contracted with any insurance companies other than those required by law.  Therefore, depending on the nature of patient's insurance coverage, the patient will be required to pay any amount that exceeds the customary allowed amount recongized by their insurance company.

Is the bill for ambulance service covered by my insurance?

In most cases, yes.  However, this depends in large part on the type of insurance coverage you have and whether the service is considered "medically necessary" by your insurance carrier.

Who should I contact if I have a question about my ambulance bill?

Contact us at (856) 306-6525 or email us through the website

Why is the cost of ambulance so high?

Many people are unaware of the costs associated with pre-hospital emergency care.  These costs include well-trained and qualified personnel, dependable modern equipment and a rapid response, regardless of the time of day or location.  When you consider the cost of the people, equipment, and station, to provide an average response time of about seven minutes, this is an expensive service.

Why are you sending me a bill after my insurance company paid?

This could be for different reasons:
1) Waterford EMS does not have contracts with insurance companies to accept less than our usual and customary rate.  Your insurance may not have paid us correctly; therefore, you are being billed for the balance.
2) Your insurance company may have sent the check for our services directly to you.

What is and why did I receive a bill for Medical Assessment?  Why won't my insurance pay for this service?

A "Medical Assessment" is when an ambulance responds to a patient and the patient refuses transportation to the hospital.  Are charges are bases on local market standards.  These charges are for the ambulance, two highly qualified Emergency Medical Technicians, and any supplies that may be used. 

Medicare and most commercial insurances will not cover the Medical Assessment services because the patient was not transported to the hospital.  Medicaid and some auto insurance companies will partially pay for this service, again you will be billed for the balance.

This bill can be paid be online in the Online Store.

What forms of payments are accepted?

Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card.  Payment can also be made in person, by appointment only or online at Paypal.  On any payment, be sure to include the Call #, to insure proper credit to your account.


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